21 thoughts on “Sitting down to eat

  1. Glad you arrived safely, looks as though you have already had a really busy day. Hope tea is nice. Enjoy yourself Haydn and see you soon. Mum, Dad and the tribe xxxx


  2. Hope you enjoy your meal Annalyse. Looks like you have had a busy day. Miss you lots. X big kiss from baby George too, he’s missing his big sister. X


  3. Hi Emily.

    Hope you enjoyed your tea! Bet you are all really tired after such a busy day!! Dexter keeps looking for you!
    Have a nice evening and a lovely sleep and we will see you Friday!


  4. Hiii safa hope your having fun…. Enjoy yourself and dont miss me too much lol.. The weathers been very wet hope its much drier there. Luv mummy and aunty


  5. Hope you enjoyed your tea after a long day,bet you are all tired I know Luke will be after worrying all night and not be able to sleep I bet he’s really enjoyed is self and is ready for tomorrow ,Chelsea’s not seen the picture yet but she will send some replies soon.xxxxxx


  6. Evening,
    Glad you have all arrived safe & well, Beamish looked great
    Have a lovely first evening,
    Sweet dreams,
    Love you,
    Oh bels you have forgot your hairbrush 🙀
    Xx xx 💞❤️


  7. Hi Moo, hope you’ve had a great day, did you find the sweet shop at Beamish 😉 Your hotel looks nice.
    Jack says he misses you that much he might sleep in your bed tonight. Have fun love Mum & Jack xxx


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