18 thoughts on “The coach is packed

  1. Hope you managed to fit everything in your suitcase Sarah – can’t wait to see you later!!! Enjoy your last day everyone! xxx


  2. Hope your last day is as fun as the rest of your week has looked
    Safe journey home we all can’t wait to see you
    Get ready for the big hugs !!!!!!!
    Love Mum, Dad and Ryan x x x x


  3. enjoy your last day can’t wait to see you and hear about all the adventures so pleased you looked like you really enjoyed this trip jayden ive told casey and lucas their peace is over haha see u soon safe journey home everyone xxxx


  4. Can’t wait to see you later, enjoy your last day and we will see you this evening. Lots of Love mum and dad xx ♥ ☺♥ xx


  5. Hope you have packed everything samir.
    Thankyou again for keeping us in touch with the fab pictures and videos.
    Thankyou also for looking after samir i am sure he will have good memories to treasure.
    Have a safe journey home, enjoy grace darling and see you at tea time.xxx


  6. Luke what a wonderful week you had can’t wait for you then tell us about it,enjoy your last day hope you’ve packed everything see you when you come home love ❤ mum


  7. Whooooo your coming home!
    We have missed you so much. Have a safe journey home, you all must be exhausted maybe catch some zzzzzz on the coach!
    See you later.
    Mum, Dad, Charlie, Megan & isla xxxx


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