Searching for St. Cuthbert’s Beads!


9 thoughts on “Searching for St. Cuthbert’s Beads!

  1. It looks like your having a wonderful time keep searching there’s plenty to find it looks like the weather’s being kind to you have another amazing day are you hiding again Luke love ❤ mum


  2. Hi Lucy – Just got home and my postcard was waiting for me!!! Have missed you so much and can’t wait to have you home tomorrow!!!! I have given Olly his hugs and kisses you sent xxx love you angel


  3. Looks like another fun full day Jay. Hope you are enjoying it?? I have received your postcard today it is lovely xxxxx missing you lots and love you loads xxxxxx


  4. Hello my angle,
    How did the bead search go?
    Hope you found one but if you don’t that OK.
    The search looked fun to me though, hoped you enjoyed it too.


  5. Had to send this again cos I typed “angle” rather than “angel”. Lol
    Anyway, hope you had fun cos I saw you down and concentrating
    on your search.
    Can’t wait to hear about it.


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