The weather is being kind to us once again. Not a breath of wind – most unusual. 





 The hunt for St Cuthbert’s beads is on.

8 thoughts on “Lindisfarne

  1. Let’s hope the rain stays away for you, that blue sky is lovely. I hope you have another exciting, fun-filled day. Looking forward to more photos.


  2. Glad the weather is fine for you all today.hope you’re having fun miya can’ t wait till tomorrow we have missed you so much x


  3. Some lovely photos and good weather can’t wait to hear about it when you come home Luke hope you are listening to what Mr Williams has told you all.


  4. Hya SIani hope you had a fantastic week can’t wait to c u tomorrow and to hear all about ur week away. One more night to go. Eat all ur evening meal and have a good sleep xxx


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