After a busy day on Holy Island, we decided to finish off with a little howler competition on the green – to really tire them out! 🙂

Well done to our winners and runners up:

Winner for the boys: Jay Stone
Winner for the girls: Elizabeth Scoley

And of course, Mr Williams wouldn’t rest without a final between the teachers …

So the winner for the teachers: Mr Williams!

Well done all!


9 thoughts on “Howler WINNERS!

  1. Hi All
    What a fabulous time you have had in Northumberland – I so so wish I was there! I can’t believe how you have grown up, love your photos from previous years – you should all keep a photo diary in school. It looks like you were super discoverers of St Cuthbert beads – it takes excellent concentration and very good observational skills. So many other wonderful adventures too, the teachers say you have been amazing so I am very proud of you all.
    Thank you for lighting the candle for Mrs Beighton, Mr Ashton told us in church today that you planned to do it Mrs Lindsay, such a lovely way to remember such a lovely lady who cared so much for Herringthorpe children.
    Have a safe journey home tomorrow – missing you all!
    Love Mrs Fearnley
    Ps Mr Williams – well done for winning! Where is your orange coat? Xxxx


  2. Well done everyone – bet that was fun. Lucy I hope you have had a great time. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow x night babe love you xxxx


  3. Well done everyone! Your postcard has arrived Poppy, thank you. Loved all the poppies in front of the Castle. Jet ate the top off the lasagne I’d made for dinner whilst I was looking at what you have all been up to – bad cat!!


  4. Sounds like you have all had a fanastic day. Cant wait for you to come back tomorrow Jacob and tell us all about your adventures away with school. I bet you will all be tired and sleep soundly friday night. Looking forward to seeing your smiley happy cheery face tomorrow Jacob lots of love mum and Will and Owain and Gizmo. X x x x x we have all missed you xxx owain says i have to put more kisses on x x x x x x x x x we send lots of snuggles too my lil squige xxxx


  5. You look like you’ve all been having fun, hope your last day is a good one, can’t wait to see you so we can hear all about your trip Jess, we have received your postcard as well today thank you!!! Lots of love Mum, Dad, Alfie, Ash and Spice xxxxx


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