16 thoughts on “Crossing to Holy Island

  1. Morning Megs
    Here’s hoping that the weather is kind like yesterday
    Make sure you get back to the coach before the tide comes in!!!!!!!
    Love ya Mum x x x x


  2. Good Morning Grace Taylor!
    Hope you have a wonderful day today!
    I’m at work again and looking forward to you coming home tmrw tea time.
    You havent missed anything here, just had our hair cut last night!
    I’m sure you are having a fantastic time with your wonderful friends! What memories to look back on when you all grow up!
    Love you Girl


  3. Good morning, have a lovely day on holy island, just make sure you come back before the tide comes in! Loved receiving your postcard this morning, made my day. Love and miss you lots Caitlyn xx


  4. Hi Emily.
    Looks like you are going to have another fantastic day!!
    We cant wait for you to get home tommorow! the house is way too quiet and Dexter is missing you!
    Hope you are having a fantastic time!
    See you very soon xx


  5. Good morning Bernice,
    Hope you had a good night rest.
    Good you still have a good weather today.
    Do have another fun filled day.


  6. Hope your having a lovely time, Abi you’ll have to see if your pebble stack is still where you left it at the end of August?!!
    Enjoy xxx


  7. Hope you all have a great time on Holy Island and that the teachers have checked the tide times! You are so lucky to be having so many experiences, you will all have some lovely memories after this trip xx


  8. Hi everyone, hope you all have a great day, can’t believe how fast it has gone this week! Missing you lots and lots Annalyse, have fun and enjoy princess. Xx


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