18 thoughts on “Sausage and Mash

  1. Wow tea looks lovely and so do u 😊 looks like your really enjoying yourself we’re missing u loads especially Lucas see u soon xxx


  2. Tea looks lovely again – making me feel hungry! I can tell by your eyes Sarah that you think it’s yummy!!!! Love you lots xx


  3. Jess that Yorkshire pudding looks amazing hope you managed to eat it all up!! Hope your having a fab time chick… Take care an love you lots xxxx


  4. hi Miya just checked out all your photos, sorry but your mum as kept me busy the last couple of days, looks like your having a great time miss you loads, I have bought a tiny radio controlled helicopter flys round like a noisy bee, neve runs round screaming at the sight of it, can’t wait to show it you love Dad.


  5. Hi guys it’s holly feeling better still got stomach ache but that sausage and mash looks nice hope your having fun😉


  6. Ooooo yummy sausage and mash…. Jacobs favourite….. looks lovely and warming after your hectic day on the boat and rock pooling. Enjoy your evening whatever is planned. Missing you lots my little sausage love mum and will and owain x x x x


  7. Those Yorkshire puds look as good as the ones Drew makes!! I’m sure you will have enjoyed your dinner Poppy!!! You all look like you are having a brilliant time, lots of smiling faces, which is lovely to see.


  8. Yum! Sausage and mash! What type of juice did you have I can’t tell? I also miss Poppy so so much, it feels like she’s been away for years!
    Love Drewby xxx.


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