10 thoughts on “Lunch in the sun.

  1. What a beautiful day you’re all having!! You are so lucky – miss you lots Lucy, but pleased you’re having a great time xxxxx


  2. Looks like you are all having another amazing day. The boat trip looked out of this world! So pleased to see the weather has picked up for you all xx


  3. Boat trip looked great glad suns out an u got to enjoy lunch sat in nice weather. Jayden why do u have someone else’s clothes on on most o photos ??? Xxx


      1. Lol she had someone’s trainers on other day bet it’s like swap shop in their room haha she’s had some of hers on so at least I know she ant lost her case or owt daft 😂😂


  4. So glad the sun is out for you today and that you were able to see the seals. Lovely to see you Sarah, hope you’re having a fabulous time everyone – you are very lucky children! Xxxx


  5. What a lovely time you are all having and how fantastic you got to see the seals, we are missing you lots miya love you x


  6. Will love to join you. It’s been raining and so much traffic here in London.
    Lunch in the sun will be a “treat” for me.
    But glad you had the fun my sweetheart.


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