An evening of art work

After our rock pooling adventure this afternoon, we are now sketching some of the creatures that we saw. It’s a very relaxing activity as we are all very tired tonight. 


11 thoughts on “ An evening of art work

  1. Night Megan!!!!
    Looks like you have had an amazing day . Sleep well and enjoy whatever adventures are in store for you tomorrow
    Ryan sends a big hug – he misses you loads as do me and Dad.
    Love ya loads x x x x


  2. I bet you are all really tired after today! Another great trip and lots of memories made to look back on for all you lucky lot x can’t wait to hear your stories Josh x sleep tight X big kiss x MWAH


  3. Loved the pics what another fab day you have all had, Bella you shall have to take mummy & daddy next year, looks beautiful,
    Enjoy your last full day tomorrow, weather looks ok too
    Night night God bless love you,
    Xx xx 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️


  4. Hia, I know that you will put your creative hands to work.
    Hope you have some photos of some of the creatures as well.
    You are really having a great time.
    Am so “Jel” but it’s OK we all want you to have fun.
    Your dad still checks up on “your room” Lol.
    Love from Dad, Mum and Micky.


  5. hope your enjoying yourself and you look as though you really enjoyed your dinner. cant wait to see you on friday luv mum dad Zain and isha


  6. Hope you are doing your best at drawing Luke because you can draw when you want to can’t wait to see what your doing tomorrow sleep tight love you mum ,dad,Chelsea xxxxxx


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