16 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. Looking forward to getting your postcard Jess, hope you’re having a lovely time lots of love mum, dad, Alfie, Ash and Spice xxx


  2. Sarah, I’ll make sure Marley stays away from the letterbox! Hope you’re having fun – Friday seems a long time away – Love you and missing you xxxxx


  3. Hope you have had another brilliant day Poppy. We liked your photo at Bamburgh Castle posing next to the dress – “Can I have this one for the Prom?”!! Looks like the weather improved for your time on the beach. Look forward to your postcode xxx


  4. Wow! I am just catching up on all of your adventures so far and it looks like you are having so much fun! School is very quiet without you all! Hope you are having a fabulous time and that the weather is nicer than it is back in Rotherham!
    Love Miss Cooper x


  5. Hi lewis its me your sister Sophie hope your having a lovely time even though you looked fed up at tea time xx love and miss you loads from all of us even Christine, daz, Ashley and pipa but me especially xxx night my little man xx


  6. Hope I’m getting a card Miss Moo not just your G&G! Told them you look like your having a great time. Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow. Sleep well love Mum xxx


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