14 thoughts on “Fish for tea

  1. Tea looks lovely. I bet you are all ready for it after such a busy day. Sarah, Marley is really missing you – he his laying with his head under the stair gate (hope he doesn’t get stuck!!) thinking you are in your room xxxx


  2. Oh Emily Dad will be jealous when he sees your tea!! Looks lovely! Hope you have had a great day. House is very quiet without you!! Miss you x


  3. Save me some Amna xxxx hope hamza still eating proply as well love u both and miss u both mum and dad xxxx ps Amna rocky is miss u xxx


  4. Very nice smile Annalyse. Hope you’re enjoying yourself princess. Jack says thank you for his present and birthday card. Xx missing you loads. Xx


  5. So you’ve had my fav breakfast and now my fav tea!! I am so jealous Grace!! I am sat watching Emmerdale with only Judy and Marley for company! Ethan has disappeared on his computer and I’m missing my telly buddy!! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures on Friday! Love you my bird xxxxx


  6. Hello Siani hope ur having a great time. Looks like your getting fed well fish and chips mm, Miss u loads and get a good rest tonight for another fun day tomorrow xx


  7. Hello, Amna and hama. Are you enjoyin it there? Have fun mum is missing you rocky is barking he is missing you very much. Bye goodnight xx


  8. Hi Lola

    Fish and chips….mmmmmmm……your favourite 🙂

    Looks like you’re all having an ace time.

    We’re all missing you loads.



  9. Evening Bella,
    Wow what a fantastic day you have all had, loved all the pictures,
    Have another amazing day tomorrow
    Love you & miss you so much 😘😘❤️❤️Xx xx


  10. WOWZERS!! Look at the size of your fish miss Simpkin!!! Bet you wasn’t able to eat it all..
    Looks like you’ve had another great day!!! It seems like you have been away ages…hurry up home xx


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