We are in our groups and off on our first adventure.



19 thoughts on “Beamish

  1. You all look like you are having a good time! The house is very quiet without you Sarah – Marley is looking all over for you – love you lots xx


  2. What gorgeous photos!!
    Looks you are having a great time and i am glad the weather is staying nice for you its grey and rainy here


  3. Hi Luke!
    What amazing photos nice to see you all smiling after a long journey and we stopped Luke straight away with josh, Jacob,jay xxxx


  4. Wow you all look like your enjoying yourselves. Great stuff. I love Beamish 🙂 dont have too many sweets though 🙂


  5. Hi Younis its mum glad to hear you arrived safely . Can see on the pictures you are enjoying yourself and having fun . We have some good news …. The women phoned about the German shepherds we are picking it up on Saturday so please pick a name for it 😀
    Love from mum xx


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